5 Roving Entertainment Ideas in Brisbane for Your Event

When you want to get your party or corporate event moving, there are few better options than some roving entertainment. From stilt walkers to jugglers, these specialty performers lift the mood of any occasion, and leave a lasting impression that will have guests buzzing for your next do.

If you’re in Brisbane, here are some of the best roving entertainment options to ensure your soiree is a hit.

Offering a glass of bubbles to your arrivals is nice, but doing so creatively and memorably is even better. Champagne skirts are a playful way to offer beverages to attendees as they enter, as well as throughout the event. They set a whimsical and glamorous tone, and are a sure-fire conversation starter that’ll get chins wagging and feet moving.

If you’re looking for an act that you know will turn more than a few heads, look no further than stilt performers. These talented individuals command the attention of those around them, and can help bring your chosen event theme to life with an array of eye-catching costumes. While they’re delighting guests with their larger than life performance, they can also serve a practical purpose by helping top up champagne.

Why not take your guests for a walk on the wild side with the help of a scaly, furry, or feathered companion? Animal acts are a guaranteed people-pleaser, and are a great opportunity for guests to capture a happy snap with the exotic. Whether you opt to get hearts racing with a snake handler, or invite along a cheeky macaw, the results will be the same; a distinct sense of delight and intrigue amongst your guests.

Skillful displays of both power and elegance, roaming acrobatic performances are impossible to ignore. While their physical feats are known to drop jaws, the versatility of these acts is what takes many by surprise. Depending on the tone of the event, their performances can range from hauntingly spellbinding to amusing and comedic. They’re the perfect showstopper (or indeed, show starter), for any occasion.

Jugglers are a favourite among youngsters, and those young at heart, for good reason. Their unmatched timing and balance are hypnotising, and their penchant for audience interaction helps guests feel like they’re truly part of the action. With theming that can be customised to suit most any event, they keep energy high and the mood lively, whatever the environment. 

While the aforementioned roaming acts are brilliant ways to ensure your party or corporate event is one to remember, they’re just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the entertainment options we provide in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

As South-East Queensland’s premiere entertainment specialists, Aerial Angels offer a plethora of entertainment acts and services for your special event. Spanning roving entertainment, unforgettable showpiece and stage acts, musical performances, and more, we’re the one stop shop when you want to get the party started.

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