Moulin Rouge Themed Events

Moulin Rouge Themed Events

Much like the stunning and revolutionary city of Paris, the Gold Coast and Brisbane both act as modernistic havens. With contemporary sensibilities and constantly evolving senses of fashion and design these South East Queensland cities always manage to keep pace with modern trend

A Parisian-themed event draws from the past to create a refined and elegant experience, whilst maintaining the excitement and originality of a modern affair. Its style is both intriguing and tasteful, producing moments in time when guests are suspended by captivating performance and talented entertainers. This event theme far surpasses ‘relevance’ and lands itself comfortably within the realm of elite performance. 

Working as a Corporate Entertainment Company in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Aerial Angels Entertainment Agency specialises in delivering outstanding and memorable entertainers to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond. Not only do we provide Parisian entertainment we embody its essence with our passion to advance the entertainment industry through innovating the way performances and acts are delivered.

Aerial Angels Entertainment Company has vast experience working as Entertainment producers and planners and can provide a number of acts that capture the ethos of Parisian, in all its cosmopolitan glory.