Professional Dancers



Dancers help to create an immersive experience that encourages guests to participate in the event, themselves. Our professional and experienced dancers don’t only entertain, they get the party started! What better way to start the night (or day) on the right foot, than by getting every toe tapping? 

Through hiring dancers you’ll not only be ensuring your guests are entertained, but also creating an atmosphere of fun and amusement. Dancers are an imperative addition to any event as their versatility can be utilised in several ways for guest engagement. Dancers can set the tone of your event by welcoming guests at the door as they walk in, or through helping present awards, chaperoning guest to their seats and of course scintillating stage performances. The possibilities are boundless, and dancers’ presence certainly elevate the overall ambience of every celebration.

Aerial Angels Entertainment Company has a large variety of styles of dance to choose from to cater to any kind of event. Just some of these are ballet, contemporary, hip hop and samba. Our enigmatic and professional performers are well-versed in an array of dance styles and can provide perfect entertainment to reflect your theme and/ or company values.

Because of dance’s diverse nature, its purpose does not stop solely at entertaining your guests but can also be utilised to enhance your event’s theme. Great Gatsby themed party? The roaring twenties would be incomplete without flapper dancers. Island themed event? Why not incorporate hula girls to enrich your guests experience with beauty and culture. And disco? Well, disco just isn’t disco without go-go dancers! Or perhaps you want your event theme to reflect your company’s high-end modish ideals, in that case what speaks more of style and grace, than a classically choreographed ballet routine to compliment your sophisticated styling and polished aesthetic.

Dance has been used as a mode of entertainment for centuries, but more than that, it’s an art form. Bring an air of elegance and authenticity to your special event by hiring Aerial Angels entertainers to perform and create an unforgettable experience for your unforgettable occasion. Known for our professionalism and our tenacity to go above and beyond to meet client expectations, Our Gold Coast based Entertainment agency has been employed locally, nationally and internationally. Our talents have been contracted in many diverse settings and always create a lasting impression. Contact us today for more information on our stunning dancers, and how we can help transform your event.