Event Theming

Event Theming

Our sister company Event Society is a place where imagination is made tangible.

Just when you started to think that all corporate events were the same – they break the script.

These events are a series of exquisite, elevated moments that will create memories and encourage connection to your brand, your message and each other.

Event Society specialise in creating theatrical event experiences where every detail is crafted, from styling to entertainment, catering to AV.

The thing that sets Event Society apart is their intention and motivation behind each and every event.

If you are looking for an event planner and stylist  as an extension of your team then look no further than Event Society. Contact us now to see how they can make your event – an event to remember

Circus Themed Events

The circus is more than just entertainment, it’s an ideal, an enigma, a place where the impossible is made possible. And best of all, the circus’ intrigue and wonder extend its hand to people of all ages, excluding none.

Parisian Themed Events

A Parisian-themed event draws from the past to create a refined and elegant experience, whilst maintaining the excitement and originality of a modern affair. Guests will enjoy captivating performance and talented entertainers.

Masquerade Events

A masquerade ball displays high-end sophistication through its styling, entertainment and elegant approach to fancy dress. These aspects made for a unique and breathtaking aesthetic.

Jungle Themed Events

At Aerial Angels when we think ‘jungle’, we think a creative paradise. When we think ‘jungle’ we think of events so immersive and grand, that guests get lost inside and don’t want to be found.

Disco Themed Events

With Aerial Angels Entertainment Agency by your side, you’ll have an event so groovy your guests will forget what decade they’re in.

Create the perfect boogie wonderland with disco-themed styling to elevate the experience of your guests.

Christmas Events

A time for giving and sharing, making memories with your loved ones, a time to deck the halls with bows of holly and relish in the holiday cheer! Has there ever been a better excuse for an elaborate event than for Christmas? 

Halloween Events

Spooky, scary, skeletons and all things that go bump in the night, Halloweens not a party without Aerial Angels spectacular frights!