Halloween Events

Halloween Events

Spooky, scary, skeletons and all things that go bump in the night, Halloweens not a party without Aerial Angels spectacular frights! Here, at Aerial Angels we revel in themed parties and Halloween presents itself as the perfect opportunity to create an elaborate and immersive themed event. 

This theme is as fun, as it is iconic. Halloween’s uniqueness lies in that it is an occasion people are eager and enthusiastic to actively participate in. Whether it be trick-or-treating or dress-up parties, Halloween has a sort of magic to it that allows people to completely immerse themselves in the holiday/event spirit. 

Effective styling for a Halloween themed event can be easily achieved with the right vision. Stage lighting and smoke machines have the capacity to transform any space into an eerie and frightening setting. Beyond this, decorating darkly lit, set tables with decadent floral arrangements interspersed with black candelabras and cobwebs hung askew, create an unsettling setting fit for the creepiest of creatures. Incorporate a dark colour palette and matching draping to add to the overall ambience of the room and to set the mood for hair-raising thrills and sinful delights. 

If you’re interested in taking your event to the next level, employ our talented performers to get the party started. Our agency has a broad variety of acts to offer and can choreograph performances that are reflective of the events theming. Just a few of these for example, are themed dancers to deliver spine-tingling performances choreographed to engage and astound guests; our incredible stilt walkers to roam the ghostly grounds of your event; or perhaps an aerial show to stun the audience with their ghostly apparitional movements as they glide through the air on silks, lyra’s or trapeze. 

If you’re looking for fabulously spooky entertainment for your event, look no further. Aerial Angels Entertainment Agency is a Gold Coast based entertainment company that specialises in creating unforgettable moments to compliment any and every kind of event. Both near and far, Aerial Angels has been contracted to supply event entertainment locally, nationally and internationally. Our quality of service is renowned throughout the entertainment industry, and we work tirelessly to uphold a calibre of excellence.