Aerial Artists


Aerial Acrobatic Artists Gold Coast

The Aerial Angels are widely known both locally & internationally as stunning aerialists whose uncompromising pursuit for excellence has made them Australia’s best. The Aerial Angels have left crowds all over the world breathless.  Be amazed as they execute Aerial perfection on various apparatus’.  Their mind-blowing feats have been described as “ballet on air”.  Their strength and agility are matched only by their unique style & grace. They will leave you wanting more with their death-defying feats & high energy spins.

Acts Available include:

-Silks  Solo & Duo                                   -Ring (Lyra) Solo & Duo

-Aerial Carousel                                     -Aerial Birdcage 

-Aerial Heart                                           -Corde Lisse

-Flying Trapeze                                      -Aerial Pole

-Aerial Crane                                          -Spanish Web

-Double & Triple Trapeze                   -Aerial Pyramid & Spiral

-Aerial Eye Candy (Roving)                -Aerial Champagne Perch (Roving)