Circus Themed Events

Is there anything quite as exciting as the circus? Imagine – the smell of freshly popped popcorn brewing in the air; the hustle and bustle while you wait in line to collect your ticket; a palpable tension, as excitement, fills your senses, and you fidget in your seat, eager to witness feats beyond imagination. The circus is more than just entertainment, it’s an ideal, an enigma, a place where the impossible is made possible. And best of all, the circus’ intrigue and wonder extend its hand to people of all ages, excluding none.

A Circus Themed Event has the possibility to transform your special occasion into core memory, living on fondly in the minds of your guests for years to come. Aside from its obvious allure, a circus-themed event offers the ability to adapt to the space it’s held in. A circus theme incorporates so many wonderful acts, its diversity lends the ability to transform any space into a platform where guests can be captivated by alluring aerial artistry and delightful theatrical performance.

Aerial Angels has the best circus performers there are available to perform at your event on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Australia wide.

These acts include but aren’t limited to: Stilt walkers, jugglers, magicians, aerial artists, dancers, contortionists, hand balance artists and acrobats.

View our gallery below and contact us today to secure the right entertainment for your circus-themed event.

Did you know?

Although the circus’ origin is considered relatively young, being established in the 1770s, the acts commonly associated with the circus are transnational, the documentation of which can be found throughout history, dating back to as far as the ancient Greeks. The world’s first circus is widely attributed to having been started by a cavalry officer named Philip Astley. Philip created the first modern amphitheatre in 1768, to perform horse riding tricks in Lambeth, London. Astley had many competitors, but his innovative thinking distinguished him as the modern circus’ founding father. In 1770, Astley became the first man to congregate various acts and artists to perform in a singular show, in order to fill in the time between acts. He hired the likes of jugglers, acrobats, clowns and tightrope walkers to perform in his show, and thus, the modern circus was born.

Ever since then, society has reaped the benefits of having been able to witness wondrous works of human ingenuity through modern advancements to the circus and its ever-growing list of acts. Aerial Angels Entertainment Agency has a well of knowledge to draw from when it comes to providing the perfect Circus themed entertainment for your elaborate affair. With over 20 years of experience being a leading event entertainment company on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, we pride ourselves on producing quality circus performers and riveting performances. Our goal is to show initiative just like Mr Astley and to continue to innovate performances to deliver outstanding entertainment for clients. Make your event one to remember by employing our band of talented and professionally trained artists as entertainment for your circus-themed event.