Jungle Themed Events

Jungle Themed Events

What comes to mind when you think of the word jungle? Is it stunning scenery? Or extraordinary animals, the original acrobatic performers swinging from tree to tree? Perhaps visions of treasure maps to mythical lost cities flood your mind. At Aerial Angels when we think jungle, we think a creative paradise. When we think jungle, we think of events so immersive and grand, that guests get lost inside and don’t want to be found.

Aerial Angels Entertainment Company can’t wait to help you get wild with a jungle themed event. With a well of experiential knowledge to draw from, we’ll turn your celebration into a jungle of captivation and child-like delight at a display so visually stunning, guests will never want to leave. Based out of the Gold Coast and Brisbane our entertainment agency is at an advantage to draw inspiration for a jungle themed event from captivating scenic locations local to us. The likes of Springbrook and Mount Tamborine are perfect creative stimuli for such a theme as this.

What better way to encourage your guests to let loose their inner party animal, than by hosting a jungle themed event? A jungle theme has the capacity to completely transform an ordinary space into a living, breathing replica of the stunning backdrop of the rainforest. Consider this, green draping and fabricated vines, giant fronds lining the outskirts of the room, tables set with captivating floral centrepieces and place cards fashioned out of luscious leaves. We go ape for a jungle themed event, and we’re certain your guests will too!

To introduce stunning greenery and animal themed prop hire would help enhance the overall aesthetic of your event, but why stop there? To ensure a truly enigmatic and sophisticated celebration employ our experienced entertainment agency to provide to you themed entertainers to take your event to the next level. We have numerous exotic acts to help enhance your themed event. Fire twirlers, jugglers and acrobats among many other specialist acts work to create immersive entertainment for any special occasion, but especially a jungle themed one.

Aerial Angels Entertainment Agency flourishes in every setting we’re employed, but we go wild for a jungle party. Our talented entertainers promote engagement from guests and help to solidify the memory of your event as eminent and revered as a city of gold.