5 Creative Entertainment Idea For Your Next Corporate Event

Corporate events aren’t always the most thrilling affairs. Full of formalities, less-than-riveting conversation, and non-stop networking, they can quickly have guests (and even organisers) looking for the exit door. Mercifully, this doesn’t have to be the case.

With the right entertainment you can ditch the dull and create an experience that excites and enthuses your attendees. When your functions become the talk of the town, so too does your business, and it won’t be long until your community is abuzz with anticipation of your next do.

With that in mind, here are five creative entertainment ideas guaranteed to delight at your next corporate event.

Plan an Unforgettable Entrance

Kick off your event in style with a showpiece that greets guests as they enter. ‘Champagne skirts’, for example, are a unique way to present welcome beverages and signal to arrivals that it’s time to let their hair down. The playful and glamorous tone they set is sure to carry throughout the event.

If you’re looking to really ‘wow’ attendees (and even passersby), stilt performers make for an unmissable choice. They’re a sure-fire conversation starter, and once everyone on the guestlist has been checked off, they can roam the room to keep those chins wagging.

Book a Specialty Act

When the drinks are flowing and the merrymaking is underway, it’s time to delight your guests with a showstopping specialty act. Serving as the focal point for your event, this performance will dazzle onlookers and ensure your occasion is one to be remembered.

Whether you opt for an artistic and enrapturing solo performance, a festive group dance, or a lighthearted, circus-esque display of fire twirlers, jugglers, or acrobats, the results will no doubt be the same – a captivated audience gasping for more.

Dazzle With Some Aerial Artistry

There are few things more impressive than a well choreographed and executed aerial performance. Graceful yet powerful, these ‘ballet-on-air’ demonstrations stun as either a side attraction or the main event.

From rings to silks to flying trapeze, aerial entertainment is timeless, and suits most any formal or casual event. Aside from being a thing of beauty, they can also serve a practical purpose – helping to top up guests’ champagne. Who could possibly say no to drinks and a show?

Get The Tunes Pumping

Music is of course central to establishing the desired ambiance for your event, and oftentimes hitting shuffle on your phone playlist just doesn’t cut it. Cue the live musical act.

The options available to organisers are vast. For a swanky affair, a jazz quartet or a soulful solo singer might be in order, while a more lively shindig may call for an energetic DJ to get the party pumping. Whatever the case may be, your event will be all the more special when an experienced musician is setting the tone (so to speak).

Set a Theme

When every element of a function is cohesive, it can help elevate it from the everyday to the extraordinary. Transport your guests to a whimsical wonderland or the beauty of a bygone era by creating a custom theme, or choosing one of the classics like Parisian or masquerade.

With lighting, food, drinks, music, decor, and entertainment to consider, pulling off such a feat is obviously more easily said than done, which is why it’s wise to let the experts handle it. Engaging an experienced company like Event Society means you’re assured that no detail will be overlooked in bringing your theme to life, leaving you to focus on just having fun.

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