Top 3 Corporate Entertainment Themes For Brisbane & Gold Coast

Corporate events are a great opportunity to show employees, clients, and other guests just how appreciated they are. When done right, these festivities foster increased comradery within the company, boost overall morale, and showcase to others the positive, encouraging, and fun culture that drives your organisation.

There’s a lot to consider when planning a corporate event, but the best way to ensure yours is a hit is by ditching the dull and setting an unforgettable theme. Here are three that we know are perfect for corporate entertainment in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The Parisian theme is a classic for good reason. Glamorous, enchanting, and just a little bit cheeky, it’s a fail-safe recipe for a good time. 

Evoking the spirit of this enchanting city means offering a dazzling array of dancers, performers, hosts, and of course, aerial artists. When coupled with extravagant gold and red styling, alluring tunes, and dramatic lighting, the atmosphere becomes positively palpable, resulting in tapping feet, wagging chins, and delighted guests. 

This larger-than-life theme is ideal for those who enjoy the finer things, and don’t mind showing off their Sunday best.

When choosing a theme for your corporate event, it’s impossible to go wrong with disco. After all, it’s a term synonymous with playful energy, unbridled merrymaking, and questionable fashion, making it perfect for sharing a laugh and a boogie.

The possibilities are limitless with this theme. An iconic light-up dancefloor, shimmering disco ball, fog machine, and colourful stage lighting is a good start, but why not up the ante with some groovy roller skaters and professional dancers? Stilt walkers are another eye-catching way to take the occasion to new heights … literally.

It goes without saying, but no jivin disco event would be complete without an experienced band or DJ, as well as a fabulous dress code.


Looking for something a little more exotic? Take a walk on the wild side and unleash your inner party animal with an immersive jungle theme.

Stunning rainforest decor and leopard-print clad performers are guaranteed to leave guests speechless upon entry, while fabricated vines, giant palm fronds, and floral centrepieces are great options to keep them spellbound throughout the event. With such fine details, they’ll think they stepped out of South-East Queensland and into the heart of Africa.

For those looking for a true face-to-face animal encounter, you can even invite along a scaly, furry, or feathered companion. Hypnotising snakes or mischievous macaws are two special guests that make for certified people pleasers.

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